Welche Dinge uns helfen, uns selbst zu erkennen und was dabei nicht hilfreich ist, wie wir uns von den nach außen gerichteten Sinnen und dem Intellekt lösen können - das ist ein Thema, in dem es um die Praxis geht. Das versteht man wirklich unter Spiritualität.
Sant Kirpal Singh

­How to develop receptivity – II

From the book "Morning Talks" written by Sant Kirpal Singh

1968-01-22, Delhi, Sawan Ashram
Talk available as mp3 at audio.sant-kirpal-singh.org

If ­you ­wish to ­learn some­thing of edu­ca­tion, ­you ­will ­find it ­only in ­the ­schools or col­leges. If ­you ­would ­like to ­have ­some med­i­cine, ­you go to a hos­pi­tal. Sim­i­larly, ­when ­you ­want cloth­ing, ­you go to a ­cloth ­seller. If ­you ­would ­like to ­find ­God, ­then ­you ­must go to a ­true ­Saint or Mas­ter.

­What is a Mas­ter? He is ­Word ­made ­flesh, ­who ­dwells ­amongst us. ­God is eve­ry­where, ­but He is ­made man­i­fest in ­the Mas­ter. Sat­sang is ­called ­the com­pany of ­Sat. ­Sat is Unchange­a­ble Per­ma­nence. It is ­ever exis­tent. ­Our ­soul, ­when ­divested of ­mind, mat­ter ­and out­go­ing facul­ties by ­the pro­cess of ­self anal­y­sis ­becomes ­the ­knower of ­the Con­trol­ling ­Power ­which is ­already ­within us, con­trol­ling us in ­the ­body. ­That Con­trol­ling ­Power, or ­God, is ­within ­each ­one of us. ­But ­our ­souls ­are iden­ti­fied ­with ­the ­mind ­and out­go­ing facul­ties so ­much so, ­that we ­have for­got­ten our­selves ­and for­got­ten ­the Over­self, or ­God. So ­where ­such a ­soul is ­there, ­who ­has ­known Him­self by ­self anal­y­sis, by ris­ing ­above ­body con­scious­ness, He ­sees ­God as I ­see ­you ­and ­you ­see me. ­Such a per­son is ­called a Mas­ter or a ­Saint. ­Wherever He ­sits, radi­a­tion ­will be ­there. Radi­a­tion ­comes ­from ­every ­pore of ­His ­body ­but ­the spe­cial ­place of man­i­fes­ta­tion is ­through ­His ­eyes. ­Eyes ­are ­the win­dows of ­the ­soul. ­His ­soul is intox­i­cated ­with ­the ­love of ­God ­and if ­you ­look ­into ­His ­eyes,  radi­a­tion ­will be ­there.

To ­derive ­full ben­e­fit ­from ­the com­pany of a ­Saint, ­you ­must be ­pure your­self. ­When ­you ­come to a ­place ­where a Mas­ter is sit­ting, ­you ­should for­get every­thing. For­get ­the envi­ron­ment ­around ­you ­and ­who is sit­ting by ­you. ­Just be ­fully atten­tive to ­the ­eyes of ­the Mas­ter, ­which is ­where ­His ­soul ­has ­its ­play. ­You ­must ­become recep­tive to ­derive ­the ­full ben­e­fit of ­the com­pany of a ­Saint. ­Those ­who ­come ­near ­the Mas­ter ­and ­their ­mind is, ­what ­you ­say, toss­ing ­about ­from ­one ­place to ­another, ­and rip­ples ­are con­stantly aris­ing in ­the ­pond of ­their ­mind, can­not ­develop recep­tiv­ity. ­They can­not ­receive ­the ­full ben­e­fit of ­the radi­a­tion ­which ­comes ­from ­the Mas­ter, ­through ­His ­whole ­body ­and spe­cially ­through ­the ­eyes. ­This ben­e­fit ­you ­can ­derive ­even ­when sit­ting thou­sands of ­miles ­away. ­Through a ­radio, ­you ­hear ­what a ­man is say­ing ­from a ­long dis­tance. ­Through tel­e­vi­sion, ­you ­also ­see ­who is speak­ing. ­The ­Word is eve­ry­where. ­Word or ­Naam or ­Shabda ­are ­all ­one ­and ­the ­same. So ­the vibra­tion of ­the ­man in ­whom ­the ­Word is man­i­fest per­meates ­through ­the ­whole ­world. ­Those ­who ­become recep­tive by still­ing ­their ­mind ­and intel­lect, ­derive ­full ben­e­fit. ­Kabir ­says, "If ­the Mas­ter ­resides thou­sands of ­miles ­across ­the ­seas ­and ­the dis­ci­ple ­resides ­this ­side, he ­should ­just ­direct ­his atten­tion to ­the Mas­ter". ­The ­Word is eve­ry­where, ­you ­have ­just to ­become recep­tive. ­When ­you ­become recep­tive, ­you ­will ­derive ­the ­full ben­e­fit of Sat­sang. So if ­you ­want to ­find ­God, ­then go to a ­place ­where a Mas­ter is sit­ting. ­Let noth­ing ­stand ­between ­you ­and ­the Mas­ter, ­not ­even ­His ­body. If ­you ­absorb ­your ­whole atten­tion ­into ­the ­eyes of ­the Mas­ter, ­you ­will ­get ­full radi­a­tion ­and ­have ­bliss-giv­ing intox­i­ca­tion. ­This is ­the quick­est ­and eas­i­est ­way to ­derive ­full ben­e­fit ­from ­the com­pany of a ­Saint. ­When ­you ­become recep­tive, ­you ­will ­get ­higher intox­i­ca­tion. ­The ­world ­will be for­got­ten. ­You ­will ­derive ­more pleas­ure, ­more ­bliss ­from ­the ­Beyond ­when ­you ­become recep­tive, as com­pared to out­side ­things. We ­are con­scious ­beings ­and ­should ­become recep­tive or in con­tact ­with ­the ­Word or ­Naam, ­the ­outer expres­sion of ­which is ­Light ­and ­Sound. ­The ­more ­you ­come in con­tact ­with ­the ­Word or ­Naam, ­the ­more ­bliss ­and intox­i­ca­tion ­you ­will ­have as com­pared ­with any­thing out­side. ­The ­mind ­will be ­stilled.

­The Upan­i­shads ­say, "­What is ­that, by hav­ing ­which, ­you do ­not ­need any­thing ­more". It is to ­come in con­tact ­with ­the ­Light ­and ­Sound Prin­ci­ple of ­the ­Word ­made ­flesh. So ­the com­pany of ­One ­who is ­the ­Word ­made ­flesh is ­called Sat­sang. ­Therein ­you ­can ­find ­the radi­a­tion of ­God ­and ­you ­can ­have it ­even ­from thou­sands of ­miles, if ­you ­become recep­tive. ­That is ­why Mau­lana ­Rumi ­says, "If ­you ­have ­only ­twenty min­utes to ­sit by a ­Saint, ­the ­result of ­the ben­e­fit ­that ­you ­derive ­from ­that ­short ­period can­not be ­had by thou­sands of ­years of ­true pen­ances". ­When ­the ­fire is burn­ing, ­sit by it. ­When ­the ­fire is ­ablaze every­thing is ­burned (i.e. it is ­far ­more effec­tive ­and eas­ier to ­have ­our ­sins ­burned ­away by ­the com­pany of ­the Mas­ter ­than by ­the prac­tice of pen­ances). ­When ­the ­Word ­becomes man­i­fested some­where ­and ­you ­become recep­tive to it,  ­your ­mind ­will be ­stilled. ­You ­can ­reflect ­your ­own ­self in it ­and ­can ­also ­reflect ­God ­within ­you. ­The ­only ­thing ­that ­stands in ­the ­way ­between ­God ­and ­you is ­the ­mind. ­You ­are ­not to ­put in any­thing ­from out­side. It is ­already ­there. ­When ­the tur­bu­lent ­waves of ­the  ­mind ­are ­stilled ­you ­can ­see ­your ­true ­face in it. Do ­you fol­low ­now, ­how to ­derive ­full ben­e­fit ­from ­the com­pany of ­the Mas­ter?

­God is ­found ­not in ­books, as ­only state­ments ­about ­Him ­are ­given in ­them. Nei­ther ­can He be ­found in tem­ples ­made of ­stone by ­the ­hand of ­man. In ­these we ­gather ­together ­only to ­pray to ­God, or to ­thank ­Him ­for ­all ­that He ­has ­given. He ­resides ­within ­you. ­The ­body is ­the ­true Tem­ple of ­God. ­When ­you ­have under­stood ­this, ­then ­where do ­you go to ­find ­Him? ­First ­within ­your ­own ­self. With­draw ­from out­side. With­draw ­from ­the ­mind ­and out­go­ing facul­ties ­and ­come up to ­the ­seat of ­the ­soul at ­the ­back of ­the ­eyes. ­When ­you con­cen­trate ­there, ­your ­inner ­eye ­will be ­opened to ­see ­God ­within ­you. ­But ­you ­can ­have ­His radi­a­tion ­where He is ­already man­i­fest. Sit­ting ­close to ­the ­human ­body ­where ­God is man­i­fest, ­even ­for a ­short ­time, ­will ­give ­you ­quicker ­results. ­That is ­why Sat­sang, or ­the com­pany of a ­Saint, is ­talked of ­very ­highly in ­all scrip­tures. ­The pro­cess is quick­ened by radi­a­tion. ­The ­same ­God ­Power is ­within ­you ­but is ­not awak­ened. It ­will be awak­ened at ­the ­time of Ini­ti­a­tion ­and fur­ther, it ­will be ­given a ­boost by ­the radi­a­tion ­from ­the Mas­ter. ­That is ­why it is ­said ­that ­one lyr­i­cal ­glance ­from a ­Saint ­that is radi­ated to ­your ­soul ­from out­side ­can ­bring ­you up ­into ­your ­own ­self ­and ­you ­will ­see ­the ­Light of ­God ­within ­you. So ­one ­grace pour­ing ­glance ­from a Mas­ter is suf­fi­cient ­for us. ­That ­will ­give a ­boost. ­That is ­what is ­meant by, "­Have ­the com­pany of a ­Saint, ­the ­more ­you ­get ­the bet­ter". ­The ­more recep­tive ­you ­get by sit­ting ­near ­Him, ­the ­more ben­e­fit ­you ­derive. Sim­ply to ­come ­and go ­won’t do. It is recep­tiv­ity ­that ­gives ­you sub­stan­tial ben­e­fit. ­The ­more ­time ­that ­you ­can ­spend in ­the com­pany of a ­Saint, ­the bet­ter. ­Even if ­you ­are ­not in ­the ­direct com­pany of a ­Saint, ­you ­can ben­e­fit by sit­ting in ­your ­rooms, ­even at ­far ­off ­places, by devel­op­ing recep­tiv­ity. ­That recep­tiv­ity ­comes ­only ­when every­thing ­between ­you ­and ­the Mas­ter is ­removed, ­though ­maybe at thou­sands of ­miles ­away. Noth­ing ­should ­stand ­between ­you ­and ­the Mas­ter, nei­ther ­worldly ­things ­nor ­even ­your ­body or ­mind. Sim­ply ­sit ­sweetly ­and ­you ­will ­develop recep­tiv­ity. We can­not under­rate ­the ­value of ­the ­direct com­pany of ­the Mas­ter of ­course. ­The ­more ­you ­become recep­tive to ­Him, ­the ­more ben­e­fit ­you ­can ­draw ­and ­you ­can ­develop it ­even at a ­far ­off ­place. ­When ­you ­have devel­oped recep­tiv­ity, ­only ­then ­will ­you be ­able to ­derive ­more ben­e­fit ­from dis­tant ­places. ­When ­you ­are ­with ­Him ­face to ­face ­you ­get it ­direct, ­and nat­u­rally ­that ­will ­give ­you ­power. If ­you ­develop recep­tiv­ity, ­then ­from thou­sands of ­miles ­you ­can ­have ­the ­same ben­e­fit.

­When peo­ple ­apply ­for Ini­ti­a­tion I sim­ply sanc­tion it ­and ­instruct ­the Rep­re­sen­ta­tive, "­All ­right, ­give ­him a sit­ting." ­The ­man to ­whom ­the sit­ting is ­given ­gets ­the ­same expe­ri­ence as he ­would if in ­direct con­tact. ­This is ­worked ­through ­the ­Shabda or ­Word, ­which is eve­ry­where.

So I ­think ­that ­you ­will appre­ciate ­that ­you ­can ­derive ­more ben­e­fit by becom­ing recep­tive. ­The ­more ­time ­you ­have in ­direct con­tact, so ­much ­the bet­ter. If ­not, ­because it is ­not pos­si­ble to ­have it 24 ­hours of ­the ­day, ­then ­develop recep­tiv­ity by sit­ting in ­your ­rooms. If ­that is devel­oped, ­then ­you ­can go any­where ­and ­still ­have it. So ­the ­Word is per­vad­ing eve­ry­where. It ­vibrates through­out ­the Uni­verse ­and is spe­cially con­cen­trated in ­the ­Word ­made ­flesh. ­One vibra­tion ­from ­Him ­also ­vibrates through­out ­the Uni­verse. It is ­only a ques­tion of becom­ing recep­tive to it, ­that’s ­all. In ­that ­way, it ­makes no dif­fer­ence ­whether a ­man is sit­ting ­here or ­afar. It is a mat­ter ­only of becom­ing atten­tive, recep­tive to ­the ­Word or ­Shabda, ­which per­vades eve­ry­where. ­Where it is man­i­fest, ­that ­vibrates ­and ­that vibra­tion ­goes on through­out ­the ­world. ­You ­know ­who ­the Mas­ter ­truly is ­now? Such­like Mas­ters ­are ­spoken of in ­all ­the scrip­tures.