The human body is a holy book of God. Study it! Search it! Those who rose above the plane of senses and realized themselves, they realized God. This is the highest ideal of all.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Birthday Message 1967

Written by Sant Kirpal Singh, January 21, 1967

Sant Kirpal Singh

Dear children of Light,

I send my hearty love and blessings to you – one and all – on this, my 74th physical birthday.

I am a man (ensouled body) like each of you. All are men first, bearing the badges of one or the other religion. All mankind is one, with the same privileges from God; viz., born the same way, having the same construction of their bodies (outer and inner) and the same conscious entity (a drop of the Ocean of All Consciousness) enlivening the body. To be born in a temple is good, as it works as a casing of the kernel of Truth alive; but to die while congealed to the casing and forgetting the kernel of Truth within is debarring one from the Truth which is a heinous sin.

In my heart I have a vision of fraternity of spirit. Organized religion with too much emphasis on outer forms and rituals becomes fortified compartments of egoistic power more than instruments of service or aids of self-realization. These inevitably result in quarrels with one another.

We need a simple movement of the spirit, with harmony and brotherhood of humanity and love for man, bird, and beast. I take religion as a Yoga of life with love – Yoga means the control of mind and of desires vitiated with egoism. This will lead to real happiness if we renounce the fruits of our actions and work as instruments or puppets of the Lord. Let our actions be an offering to the Lord. Mind that spirituality is non-egoism. May our selfless work for spreading this Message of the Master, which is God's work, draw many unto Thee, O Lord, and may our name be forgotten.

Let us belong to the Kingdom of the Master, the Word made flesh, and dedicate our life to the service of the Master, Who is the beauty of the simple life and selfless service. Let us follow the Master and make His noble teachings a part and parcel of our lives and attune ourselves with Jyoti (Divine Light) and Music of all harmonies reverberating in all creation which will open our inner eye and will leave no room in our hearts for spite or hate for others: what to speak of brothers and sisters who are united in unbreakable bonds of spirit by the Master.

Your heart will be filled with love and compassion for all that lives sentient or insentient; viz., man, beast, bird and all nature. We should lead and teach a life of compassion and love to all beings on earth.

"He really knoweth who loveth and serveth all," is the Message of the wise ones of Humanity like Buddha, Christ and Nanak. It is the Message which our daily life and modern world so piteously needs.

I wish you to progress spiritually and to lead a life of righteousness; viz., good thoughts, good words and good actions.

With all love,

Your own, Kirpal Singh