The Masters are not the monopoly of anyone, they come for everyone, not for one group of humanity or another. They give a knowledge which is beyond the senses, which is an ocean of intoxication – a mighty effulgence of bliss.

Sant Kirpal Singh

God has made arrangements to bring us back

By Sant Kirpal Singh, Char­lotte, ­USA, ­October 5, 1972

You have been here only for two days. I hope, you have come to some conclusion – who we are? Do you know?

You all have the manbody, but you are not the manbody. You are conscious entities, a drop of the ocean of all consciousness. Our true home is not this earthly body or this world. That is a long way off, of course, but this manbody is given to us as a golden opportunity to go back to our home. Is there any help for that? So God makes arrangements to bring you in contact where your way up is ensured. That way up starts when you rise above body-consciousness. He has arranged planes to fly back to your home the quickest way. Those planes fly from the airport. And our soul that has to find a place in the aeroplane. We have to go to the airport first. Leave all other outer things. Here, when you go to the airport, you take only limited baggage, not everything. But there is a port (airport) from where we have to take the aeroplane, we have to take nothing with us – not even the body, what to speak of outer attachments, worldly things, family, position. You can reach the airport when you rise above body-consciousness. But to rise above body-consciousness, this is a very narrow way: "Straight is the way and narrow is the way and difficult to rise up." Like a razor's edge. Along we have nothing to take. If we are thinking of the outside world, of things, we cannot go up. We have to go alone. And every time, you see, message comes: "Be ready, it is now half an hour more left." – "It will start in only ten minutes!" – "Hurry up! Reach the plane, plane is to leave." So this is the case with us here (at the airport) today.

So the home is the Home of our Father from whence we separated and where we have not gone back yet. God has made arrangements to bring us back, and that is to bring you to the airport from where those planes start, to bring you in contact with someone who can take you to the airport, who can help you. You simply obey His orders. He says not to take anything with you. So let everything outside, the world outside, the environments outside, not even the body – even the body outside. Leave off all thought. The world may go on – so, leave off all thoughts. And simply He gives you a little – what you say? – radiation. You just abide by His commandments, you will in few minutes find you rise above it. And there appears some "plane" taking you off. And that "plane" is the light and sound current within you. Always God keeps it ready, (for those) who want to come up. And that will take you straight up to your home.

You know, who we are? We are not Mr. Schmidt or Josef or Singh or Khan, you see, we are soul environed, imprisoned in the body so much so that we have forgotten our self, whether we are souls or the body itself. Masters come to help us to go back to our homes. First to reach the airport where to catch the plane. Unless you are cut off from outside and the body below, you cannot reach the airport where the plane leaves. Your work is to keep His commandments, and leave everything else to Him, and to Him alone. He says, "All right, sit in any pose you like, don't change, please, you do nothing." He says, "Don't think of the environment, don't think of the body, too. You simply fix your gaze here, and a little radiation helps you to go there." Those who implicitly obey the commandments, that takes little or no time, few minutes, to come up. Those who are accustomed to it by regular practice, "Close your eyes and go! And come back!" Not one but a hundred times a day. So this is the work, that is your work.

So manbody is the highest, the golden opportunity that we have got. Our home is not this physical body or the physical world, but our home is (the plane of) all-consciousness. Not other planes which are made up of consciousness and matter. We have to rise above astral plane, causal plane, supercausal plane and reach the true Home of our Father, (that plane) which is all spiritual, never falls away in dissolution or grand dissolution. So it is a very long way. God Himself guides the planes up, you see. You are simply to sit. What He says? To come to the airport also needs to keep the commandments given to you implicitly without intervention of your "why" and "wherefore". Because those who have recourse to "why" and "wherefore", they are delayed.

So your outgoing faculties have to be controlled, your intellect also – after understanding – it must be still for a while. Then He orders, "Put in whole attention (on what is before you)". In a few minutes it begins. After a few minutes they will see, they are not the body, they have reached the airport and there they find light and sound. So one in whose company we have got that blessing, He also guides us further. First in (His) outer physical form, then in (His) astral form or the radiant form. When the whole charge is handed over to Him, then He has to see further. After you reach the airport and sit in, find a place in the aeroplane, this is (where) your work ends. Then the whole thing is depending on the driver.

Some planes are "non-stop", you know, others stop on the way. So there are on the way stops, but who have full obedience, you might say, then the non-stop plane goes, you see. You simply sit in the plane! That "plane" is of light and sound, you see, "ringing radiance", you might say. That will take you across the astral plane and the mental plane, too. It is very difficult to go beyond mental plane, because little things you think of will be produced. There the driver is very careful, you see, He takes you through and to your home. So you know, your true home is where? Where it is of all consciousness, and your work is simply to abide by the commandments. Even to reach up to the airport, (it is also necessary to) keep His commandments.  Further also He gives a seat in the plane that takes you up. Someone who has seen the Master's form within, that is God appears in some form, in which He is (physically) manifest. When He (the radiant form of the Master) talks, the whole charge is His.

So our work is what? To keep the commandments, implicitly. Without any "whys" and "wherefores", without any "buts" and "ifs". Then we'll go quicker. So fortunate you are, you've been put on the way. Those who want to reach their homes in the shortest time. Privately some people asked me, "How long will it take?" I tell you, it is up to you! And that is keeping commandments. This is what Christ says, "If you love me, keep my commandments." Yesterday evening I was very happy to see you all raising hands, you remember last evening? (Master had asked who wanted to go home.) I was very glad to see you. When you all have made up your mind to go, then what else? Only keep His commandments. I hope that you might have started from today. I'm afraid you might have put off this work till after tomorrow. To go back to our home is not difficult – the only difficulty lies in the fact that we don't keep up to the commandments. Nothing of this world will go along with you there. When you go to the plane, you have to take only limited baggage, and there you will not (be allowed to) take any baggage at all, not even your body, not your intellect, not the outgoing faculties. After all, we have to leave all this. Why not now? – The rest is, you see, to pay off debts as the reactions of the past. Whom God unites you with as a result of the reactions of the past – it is the flowing pen of God – respect them but don't forget your job, your work, your goal. You have to go back home!

For that God makes arrangements to bring you back home. He sends men. He sent us some time. Why He sent us? We should go and ask Him why He sent us to the world. But He has sent us – we are separated from Him (now). And some people (say), "Come on, dear friends, go back home! It is high time." So the quicker you would like to go back is to live up implicitly of what you are told. That's all.

You have got some demonstration, little or more, to reach the airport. Fly above body-consciousness, you see also the plane, light and sound, you see. So whole success, key of success, lies in being obedient to what you are thought to do. I hope your promise still stands. Or you have withdrawn, have you? The promise you so kindly gave us yesterday evening, it stands or already passed away?

Somebody calls: It stands!

Sant Kirpal Singh: It stands? Hands up again then! All right. So that's all I have to tell you. Physically I have come here – God directed me to come here, I had no mind to come here, I tell you honestly. I am also bound (to the commandments). It is His grace that I have come up, and I had the good fortune to meet you all, one and all. And I am very much pleased to see you all – we're all brothers and sisters in God. I've been away nine years. Only few of you might have gone to India to be with me but almost everybody of you was here. So I am glad, that very very much glad, most glad, I would say, to see that your promise still stands. But when it comes into commission, that's the point. I think that is to be started all at once, is it not? Start from today! Don't postpone till tomorrow or the day after, or finishing this job or that job!

So my love and blessing to you all. Remain in contact – for your spiritual matters – and be disciplined! Do just attach to the meetings arranged for you by the group-leaders, the representatives. They try to afford you all possible convenience at their command, you see. I've been there. So long as you have not come in contact with the Masterpower within, they convey you the message which they have received through writing from the Master. So these (Satsang-meetings) are held somewhere weekly, somewhere fortnightly. So snatch away time from your busy hours, two or three hours a week, and sit there all together. When more than one man sit in the name of God – what does Christ say? "When more than one sit in my name, I am there." He is already there. Simply we have to withdraw from outside, sit together, and the radiation comes. Kabir says, "If your Master lives across the seven oceans and you are this side of the ocean – direct your attention (on Him)! By radiation you will have (it)." Through radios and television science has proved it is possible, you see. Thought force, you might say – attention. When it is directed in that way, that works wonder, that affords your receptivity. You can become even the mouthpiece of God.

So the only thing I can convey to you now: true life is a necessity. Ethical life is a stepping stone to spirituality for which diaries are prescribed. Maintain them! Be regular in your meditations with due regard to your self-introspection; send (them) on to me. God willing, He will guide you. Until you reach within you to meet God, the Masterpower within, outwardly you have to remain in contact. Inside, too, sometimes there negative power intervenes. That power sometimes impersonates. Repeat the criterion you've been given – five names! Negative power will disappear.

So my best wishes, hearty wishes, I might say, are with you. No words can  express how much love I have in my heart for you. Heart goes to heart. No words can explain. So it is His gift, God's gift, you see. You have got the same heart, that's the seat of God in you, in each manbody. So keep it clean, pure always. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." So this is only temporary, man comes and goes, you see. But all the same, that power is within you. Turn your face to Him, you'll get all help. You have been joined in a true relation, true family of God. That is such a relation which is not even broken after death also. Our Master used to say, "We have to go across the rivulet. Some go in a boat  first, reach the other bank of the river. Some go a little bit (later) – there all unite together, you see. You are in the custody of the Godpower within you. This is the true relation which will never break away. All outer relation will break away.

So this is the work that we have to do before us, our destination, you know, our home, and the work allotted to us as I told you: keep the commandments without any "but" and "if". You find some – what you say? – some capital has been given to you, maybe less or more. We have to develop it further by regular day to day practice and single-minded attention. God is one, He is all alone. He has no brother, no sister. He wants everybody to come to Him all alone. This is what is before us. Remain in contact always, and God will bless you.

My wishes, best wishes will be with you, are with you. I think I have conveyed almost all. Group-leaders are there to help you. They have been given charge  of the children of God. They will love them motherly-like and help them just to be on the way. For spiritual things always remain in contact! They are also your well-wishers; they have been chosen for that, you see. And you will be chosen also!

So, please, what you've promised – not forgotten your promise yesterday? This morning also you've found that you made a promise, you see. So start from today onward!