We are all lovers, devotees of a higher power, thousands of lovers, but the Beloved is one for all. He whom we desire is the beloved of the whole world and is the one God for all men, not specifically for Muslims only, or for Hindus only, or for Christians only.
          Sant Kirpal Singh

Message 1969

Written by Sant Kirpal Singh on the Birth Anniversary, July 27, 1969 of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh


Hazur Baba Sawan SinghDear Ones,

On the auspicious Birth Anniversary (July 27) of my  Master I congratulate you all, who have been put on the Way back to God and have been given a demonstration of rising above body-consciousness, by which you have come to know that you are not bodies, but souls – embodied souls. Also your Single Eye has been opened to see the Light of God and your inner ear has been opened to hear the Music of the Spheres – the Voice of God. "For verily I say unto you that many prophets and righteous men desired to see those things which yee see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear; and have not heard them." (Matt. 13: 17). Moreover you have learnt to die while alive and have a new life – by entering into the Kingdom of God, which is with in you and cannot he had by observation.

My Master, like all Masters in the past, revived the old, old Truth to know that body is the Temple of God in which you reside and God is effulgent in all its glory, which we have forgotten. We are all members of the one family of God – all endowed with the same privileges. We are all children of God and as such brothers and sisters in God. We are all like so many limbs of the one body. If one limb is aching, the other limbs also suffer. So the way to be happy is to make others happy. The most beloved unto God is the person who does good to God's family.

Religion has two aspects – one outer and the other inner; Man is a social being, and must have a society. Masters do not come to destroy but to fulfil. The one aspect is all right, remain where you are, and the other is to know 'who am I' – Know the Self and be free. The highest aim is to know one's Self and Know God, and have loving regard for all others who are similarly situated by setting an example for others. An example is better than precept.

So we are:

To be just, and friendly to everyone.
To be sincere and to be true to one's Self.
To be good and to do good to others.
To make others happy.
To comfort the sick and the afflicted.
To serve the poor and the needy.
To love God and all His creation viz., man, animals,
birds, reptiles and also the least conscious.
They are all members of the one family of God.
There is one caste, one religion, and one God.
There is only one caste – The caste of humanity.
There is only one religion – the religion of love.
There is only one dharma – the dharma of Truthfulness.
There is one God – The Omnipresent, the Omniscient, the Omnipotent.
There is one language – the language of the heart.

My best wishes go to you all to know this and be a living embodiment thereof.
Yours affectionately, Kirpal Singh.