What can other people know of the condition of one’s heart? If the enigma of the mystery of life enters the heart, the person knows no peace until it has been solved.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Concluding session

Speech held by Sant Kirpal Singh during the World Confernce on Unity of Man, 6 February 1974


Sant Kirpal SinghDear brothers and sisters who have come from abroad, I submit that in these four days we have been very productive; all of us have laid our heads together and come to some conclusions. After all, what are these conflicts and schisms going on in each country? The fact is that unity already exists – we have forgotten it.

What is that unity? The right understanding that all men are born in the same way with the same privileges from God and the same construction outside and inside. As man we are all one – no high, no low. We were first man; then the tongue became Christian or Hindu or Mohammedan or this or that thing by wearing all those labels. But that is not all; further, we are one at the level of that conscious entity which is administering this factory of the human body.

We are conscious beings and God is all conscious. Some Power is controlling us in the body, which works as long as we are in it; we live in this world only for a certain time, until that Power which is controlling us leaves. That Power is God into expression, and is called Word, Naam, Shabd, Kalma. So that Godpower whom we have to find, and he who has to do the finding, both live in the temple of the human body. But our attention, which is the outward expression of our soul, is identified with the world outside so much so that we have forgotten ourselves. So we have to just know ourselves, by withdrawing our attention from all outside and from the body below. When we know ourselves, we are able to know the Overself who is controlling us in the human body.

So please – there is no need of changing your religions or social bodies, but it is most necessary that you follow the teachings of those religions, that is all. And those are? God resides in every heart. All is holy where devotion kneels. And, He resides in every heart whether the labels are this way or that way.So for this purpose we come to some resolutions. I hope all these were repeated to you, read by my brother or friend. I take it that they appeal to you. If so, I think each one of you can raise some finger in assent. (Every hand went up from the assembled delegates.) It is for your good and the good of all humanity.

I thank you for your coming from far off and taking so much trouble. You have taken time from your busy hours, also spent so much money. Those who have come from India, we are thankful; but those who have come from abroad and spent thousands of dollars, they deserve more thankfulness. So I convey my thanks to each one of you, whether you have gathered here from here or from abroad. Today is the last day of these sessions. I hope you will carry this very thing practically in your lives. God bless you all.