The Masters are not the monopoly of anyone, they come for everyone, not for one group of humanity or another. They give a knowledge which is beyond the senses, which is an ocean of intoxication – a mighty effulgence of bliss.

Sant Kirpal Singh

It is a noble search

A talk given by Sant Kirpal Singh in India

The Truth and God are one and the same thing – the nature of which is not compound, but is a single substance: permanent, unchangeable, ever-existent, which does not revolve in cyclic evolution. When that God or Truth came into expression, creation took place; whereas that which remains unexpressed is Nameless, Formless, Absolute God-head – into which one must become fully absorbed to experience. When He expressed Himself, God said, "From One I shall become Many." We have, The Source was one, but millions of rivulets issue from it. The Power which was expressed – the God-into-Expression Power – is called Naam, Word, Kalma, Sarosha, Nad, and various other terms, and can be apparent in creation. The world we see is God's own image; His image is apparent. But it can be seen when in the human form alone, wherein the full realization can take place. When we become the true seers of the Lord, we are then fully competent to sing His praises.

All Masters have declared that seeing is above all else; otherwise, it is much like licking someone else's empty plate. Whatever the Masters have described is true, there is no doubt, but we have not seen it. Listen to the words of the Sant; He says whatever He has seen with His own eyes. Their information is not from theory or from hearsay, and although Their message is for all, only sincere seekers will reap the full benefit from Them, when their spiritual eyes are opened to see the Truth within. A certain Muslim fakir says, O Man, outwardly you seem to be a small human form; but inwardly you are a great being, with a whole world inside you. He refers to the fact that the great macrocosm is in the microcosm of the human body.

While the God-realized Masters were on earth, the work flourished; but when They left, the "schools and colleges" were formed, the labels of which we wear. These religions were begun with noble purpose, that people would be able to realize the Lord, and in the olden days only those who had realized the Truth were allowed to preach; only after many years of meditation did they go about from place to place awakening the souls. As time passed on, for want of practical people, the same formations stagnated and resulted in deterioration. It is unfortunate that since paid preaching started, much of religion has become corrupted. The basic truth remains the same, of course, but it has been forgotten.

There is some indication, no doubt, in the different holy scriptures and some flashes in the prayers which are repeated outwardly – we also go on lighting lamps and ringing bells (which are symbols standing for the Light of God and Music of the Spheres) – but we do not actually receive anything. That is why we should sing praises only after seeing the Truth, not like a man, who blind from birth, tries to describe the light of the sun by what others have told him. Kabir Sahib says, The whole world is blind. It is a very sweeping remark, and He adds, If there were only a few, then I would make them understand. Swami Ji Maharaj says, The Guru says the whole world is blind; No one has gone inside.

When the Masters say that man is blind, it does not mean that he has no eyes in his head. Do not say that he who has no eyes is blind; He is blind, 0 Nanak, whose inner eye is not opened to see. If that eye through which the Lord is seen is not open, then all are blind. So after getting this human birth, we must have the aim to realize God. We must go toward Him for a start. We may have read philosophy, or have probed into intellectual findings in every field of study – we have done this and we have done that – but we have not seen Reality. The Masters say, however, and with great authority, "We have seen the Truth." Where? In the very physical image, which is the temple of the Lord. With great clarity They make this statement.

Have you ever thought about this subject? You think of many things, but have you ever considered the matter of your true self?. He who made this house gave the key to the Guru. When that Power withdraws, we also have to leave the body. O Nanak, through the Naam everything is controlled; It can be acquired only through great destiny. The Controlling Power can be realized in the very temple of God, within which it is radiating in effulgent Light. Those who realized the Lord realized Him in the form of Light and Sound Principle; yet ultimately God is Nameless, Formless, there is no Light, etc. Out of His expression came forth a vibration which has the two aspects of Light and Sound. These are the true image of God, to be realized while on earth – but only after we realize who we are. Practically, this is done when our senses are controlled, the mind is at a standstill, and the intellect immobile. It is a practical science. If one attempts any spiritual practice with the aid of the mind and senses, when one is actually already strongly under their influence, then how will one be able to rise above them? It is most necessary to find a Person Who has Himself risen above these faculties, and can give a demonstration of that.

He who has controlled His attention, by giving a little of it to others, will withdraw their attention from its playing-grounds scattered among the outer environments. By giving a "boost" and a way up and out, the student will begin to know a little of what he truly is. When he sees himself in truth, he will see that God is also present, Who is the Sustainer of our very life – and he will see Him in the form of Light and Sound Principle.

Reading, writing, and reasoning is like a garland adorning the neck of a Spiritual Man, for He will explain the spiritual science in many different ways. Yet even if He has no academic learning, He will still show you the Truth. When Bulleh Shah went to Shah Inayat (Who was a gardener), he asked Him, "How can one get God?" Shah Inayat replied, "It is not difficult to realize God; just uproot your attention from here and plant it there." It is very clear – that which we have to uproot from outer pursuits is our very attention which is the expression of the soul, and then we must direct it inwardly; then we shall be able to see inside. It is a matter of withdrawal from the body and outward environments. The holy scriptures are records of the past Masters' experiences in this human form, that we might understand that there is Light and Sound within man; and when this revelation is had, by the grace of some competent person, we see that the body is the temple of God, after whose model the outer temples were made. Then, the purpose of the outer temples has been served.

Little girls learn about adult life and housekeeping, etc., by playing with dolls and other toys; but when they grow up and marry, they live these actions instead of playing make-believe, and the toys are put aside. Similarly, outer religious rituals are outgrown when the inner spiritual experience is received. It is not experience for the eyes of flesh – O Nanak, that eye is different which Sees the Lord within. If even one man has seen, then it is significant that others can also see. Who can make the Light visible within? He Whose soul is joined to God, Who has withdrawn from outer environments and has become the attention itself – His one glance can have inconceivable effect upon us, because we are a drop of that Ocean of All-consciousness. If man becomes in tune with the All-consciousness – what a tremendous power will that be! When He Who has become All-consciousness directs that Consciousness for a while, not one, but hundreds of souls will rise above the body-consciousness. One fakir has said, One glance of Yours is enough to take me Beyond.

To find our true self – does it mean that we are lost? If you ask me for the truth, I would say we are completely lost. In the old Urdu primary textbook, there is an amusing story which holds a profound meaning. It relates that a man was sitting quietly on his veranda sincerely thanking God. Some people asked what he was thanking the Lord for, and he replied, "Last night, brothers, thieves broke into my compound and stole my horse." They were amazed and said, "You have lost something valuable; what is there to be thankful for?" He replied, "You don't understand, I am thanking the Lord that I was not riding that horse, or they would have stolen me, too." It is not a laughing matter – he was concerned with his own safety, not the loss of his property. He saved himself and lost the horse; but we are clutching the horse, having lost the rider. Do you understand this? The Masters tell us, You are the rider, you are not the body, or the senses, mind, intellect – it is you who are enlivening the body. Then They bring you above body-consciousness and withdraw your scattered attention to prove Their statements. They open your inner eye, and then you are the one who sees.

The whole play of spirituality is with the attention. Where the attention is, there you are. Through putting your attention wholeheartedly on physical exercises, with a little training you can be a wrestler of powerful strength. With your attention directed on scholastic subjects you can become an intellectual giant. If you put all your attention on the greater attention (God), you will grow in spiritual stature. On the spiritual health depends the health of mind and body both. This teaching is for all, but most of us are still playing with toys. We are disinterested with this doll's play when we see the true form of our Beloved. How beautiful must the real thing be if the imitation is so attractive! But, unfortunately, while the blind lead the blind, both continue to fall into the ditch. This is a very frank talk.

He who is completely competent will simply tell you to "sit and see" – that is all. Then, when you sit you will forget the outer attractions; each and every one will have some inner experience, according to each individual's background. In the company of the Sant, you see the Lord within. How? The Master gave me the key to the inner door. He gives a portion of His own attention. He never says, "Do what I say and eventually you will get something." The true Masters' words are very clear on this subject. As long as I see not with my own eyes, I cannot believe even the Guru's words. The so-called master usually tells the seeker, "Follow my instructions, and we will see what happens – you are in my hands and even after death will come to me." But he never shows anything; so what is the proof of his words? Something practical must be received by the seeker. "A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush."

This pure subject – the study of the attention, which you can call spirituality – is ever in existence, but sad to state, we are not interested in this higher knowledge. Our attention is on the body, on sensual pleasures, and on intellectual deliberations. Bookish knowledge is all wilderness; there is no way out. By reading the stories and anecdotes of the Masters, we can enter a state of pseudo-intoxication; but first we should see something of the Truth, and then sing the Lord's praises. It is said, "How can I have the protection of the unprotected?" We are also told, "Know in truth that only he is a true disciple in whom the Light shines in all fullness". Such a disciple is the Guru's very image, and the Guru will say, "I reside in him." The Guru is a friend Who will never leave you until the end of the world, and even beyond that. The true Light was given by the Master; And the Shabd burned out the I-hood and attachment.

When the Light shines inside you, you see for yourself how the Power is working and not you. What can a poor wooden puppet do? The puppeteer is in control. It is also said, "Nothing happens by my efforts; whatever God wants will occur." Also, Nanak the servant speaks when prompted. The Masters speak as inspired by God. They have no ego, and when there is no ego, there is no coming and going and no binding by good and bad karmas, which are like gold and iron chains.

In the book Naam or Word I have given many quotations to help resolve the doubts. If the doubts persist, then one should read the Vedas. In the Upanishads it states that there is a sun in the Brahmand (causal region) through which the Sound is vibrating, the secret teaching of which Ingris Rishi gave to Krishna, the son of Devki. Even in the Gita, in the eighteenth chapter, you will find that Lord Krishna told Arjuna that if he left all and came under His protection, He would give him the secret of all secrets. That secret teaching is the very same as the Science of the Masters. The Light and Sound is God into expression, called variously as Naam, Shabd, Kalma, Word, etc. They are names given by which to remember Him. He is within all forms, but can be realized through the human form. Oh mind, take one Name; The Satguru has given me this boon. Also, Whatever is, is through the Naam; There is no place without the Naam. We also have, I glorify Thee by any name. Some people call the Lord by the word Ram, some God, some Allah, some Wahiguru. These are all words to denote that Power which came into expression – which is controlling the whole Universe, and on a smaller scale, is within the temple of the physical form. Just as the world was made, so was this physical form which He made in the womb of His mother, and then He took up residence therein. He has never been separate from us, and we must come to know this very Power; but we are lost in the outer search. Water is a liquid referred to by various names: jal, neer, aab, water, pani, aqua, and others; but to what avail is the mere repetition of the words? One must drink to quench the thirst.

There is a story of a child, who during the course of learning the Persian language, was taught the words aab biya – meaning "bring water." (It is said that the stubbornness of a child, a woman, and a royal personage is world-renowned.) When this child reached his home, after the day's lessons, he felt very thirsty; so he approached his parents and said, "Aab biya" As they had no knowledge of the Persian language, they did not understand him. He stubbornly refused to speak in his native tongue, and the story tells that he died of thirst. We go on repeating Ram Ram, Allah Allah, and make much ado about it; but we have never seen God. The attitude is all right and the action is good; but we should try to understand the meaning behind all this, for the I-hood will not be erased this way. If the soul is a conscious entity, then its food must be something conscious; and the expression of the Lord, which is Light and Sound, is the Bread and Water of life. And He Who has it, can give to others. My Beloved is everywhere, no place is without Him; Glorify that body in which He is manifested.

We can consider for a moment just how Guru Amar Das Ji worked and searched before He realized the Truth. For more than seventy years, He did all that was recommended to find God: Jap (repetition of a name), tap (strict austerities), brat (fasting), puja-path (devotional ritual and reading holy scriptures), tirath-yatra (pilgrimage), havan (fire-ritual), dan (giving alms), kirtan (singing and playing holy music), and many other things. All were good actions, but he did not get a contact with God. Eventually he said, "I am extremely tired performing these karmas." With deep sincerity He had done all this. We approach our worship like a routine.

There is an instance in the life of Namdev, whose grandfather was a devotee of idols, and would daily take milk as an offering. Everyone was familiar with his daily journey to the temple with the milk, and he would say, "I am going to take the milk for the gods to drink." One day he had some affairs in another town, and he called Namdev and told him, "You do the puja and take the milk while I am away." The child knew that his grandfather took the milk for the gods, but did not know that his grandfather himself drank the milk, according to the custom. So, the following day, Namdev performed the puja and then placed the milk before the idols. He closed his eyes and prayed that they may accept the offering of milk; but when he opened his eyes the milk was still there. Again he prayed, but the milk remained. He wondered why they were not drinking it. (I am telling this story to illustrate the difference between a prayer by routine and a true prayer.) Namdev then said to the idols, "Every day you have been drinking the milk, what has happened today?" On receiving no reply, he became very unhappy and bothered and cried, "If you don't come and drink the milk, then I am going to cut my throat!" and he took out his dagger. At once, the Lord appeared and drank the milk.

Our prayers are more like a business or an automatic action of going through the ritual with the mind wandering away on other matters. The very reason for the erection of idols was to help the devotees concentrate on the Lord; they were not placed there for people to worship the stone. A certain Muslim fakir said, Never say that the Kaaba is better than a temple, where statues symbolizing God are worshipped. Kaaba Sharif is where Hazrat Ibrahim's Hajar-ul-Aswad (stone) is kept in his memory, and Muslims go there to pay their respects. In the Hindu temples, the idols are stone images of past Masters. One Master was asked which was better, and He replied, "Wherever He has manifested Himself is the best place." He is residing within you, who are a very temple of God, and that lamp which is alight, can go on lighting others. The company of such Masters is called Satsang – the company of the Truth. So after a long, long search, Guru Amar Das Ji said, "I was extremely tired, performing these karmas." He felt almost defeated at the end – so how did He get to the Truth? He says, Without any effort of mine, I found the Satguru. If the search is them, then God Who sees everything makes the arrangements Himself for His child to meet the True Master. When He got the contact within, He said, Without good luck, you cannot get such a Satguru, and also When you meet a Satguru, you see with your own eyes. So listen carefully to Guru Amar Das's Shabd:

An initiation that holds no seeing will have no meaning.

If by merely saying the word "wealth" one were to become wealthy, then there would be no poor people. Wherever one goes, people are advising that God's name should be repeated, in one form or another. Everyone is saying, repeat the Lord's name. But, Without seeing, how can you meditate on Him ? One person sees and then speaks, and another speaks without seeing – there is great difference between the two. Naam Power has two aspects – Light and Sound – the connection to which is given only by a God-realized Man. It is the very Water of Life. You will remember when Jesus met the woman of Samaria at Jacob's well, He asked her for water to drink; but knowing that Jews had no dealings with Samaritans, she was reluctant to serve Him. Christ observed that had she known who he was, she would have herself asked him for the living water. He told her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again: but whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water, springing up into everlasting life.

Another Master says, "0 man, continue to eat and drink on this earth; But your thirst will never be satisfied. If you get the true Water of Life, you will never thirst; all desires will be fulfilled." In the Upanishads it is said that the answer lies within man. Withdraw your senses from without, and get the connection from within. This work is important above all other. If you can do it by yourself, then by all means go ahead.

The senses, mind, and intellect must be controlled and brought to stillness; only then will the soul experience the realization. It is a subject of self-analysis, of rising above the body-consciousness. If you think you can succeed alone, then well and good – but remember that with a single glance from a God-realized Soul, thousands can be uplifted to this very level and put on the way. After all, the holy scriptures all praise the Masters; there must be some reason for this. The Satguru is a complete Soul, a perfect Soul, in Whom God has manifested Himself in fullness. He is so much at one with God that He is God's mouthpiece; and He is competent to connect the souls back to the Source. Ice and steam are basically the same substance; so, when one serves the Master, one serves the Lord Himself. By serving the Satguru, you get the Naam. Become a servant of the Lord.

Serve the Satguru, extend your destiny beyond description;
Then the true Naam of God will vibrate through you.

This is the result of service. The meaning of true service is to carry out the Master's orders with deep love and devotion – no matter what the orders may be. Whether He is physically near or far makes no difference. Only in this way can we realize what the words are endeavouring to convey. He became one with the Guru, then distributed the Shabd. The Lord appears through Him in Whom He has manifested. St. John tells us, The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. The Master has the same physical form as other men; but although He lives in the world, He remains aloof from its effects. He is in perfect control of all His faculties, and can rise above the body at will. Or He can work in the bodily senses, at His own choice. We see His body on this earth, but His soul travels in all the spheres. Contrary to this, we are tied to the body and cannot rise above it. Therefore, only in His company and with His assistance can we have true realization. Yet, while I utter these words, you will not have true conviction unless you see for yourselves.

Ultimate God is Nameless, is Absolute, has not come into expression – we must become absorbed into that Godhead. No one can see that God, and no one can show Him to another. But the Naam Power or Shabd came into expression and has two aspects: Light and Sound. God is Light, and God is the Music of the Spheres. This very Power makes the body of the child in the womb of the mother, and then takes up residence in the house which He Himself made. If right understanding is developed in all men, there will be no strife, no killing or malice in the name of religion. This is true integration – true oneness. By simply sitting together in holy buildings, integration will not be achieved. Though it may be of some help, yet the doubt and antagonism for each other will not leave the heart. The religious leaders of different faiths do commune together for discussion, but this does not mean that all the followers are sitting together amicably. Toleration is there, but for how long will it last? I am simply placing before you the common sense of the matter.

The Naam has an indescribable intoxication. Delightfully sweet is the Beloved Naam. Also, Nanak is perpetually intoxicated with the Holy Naam – day and night. Who gets it? Those who have merit from the distant past will get the gift of Naam to bring them near to God. Those children who God has decided are to return to Him are connected to the Naam by the Satguru, and the Naam takes them back to whence it emanates. A Muslim fakir says, You have sacrificed the true mosque for the outer one. The outer mosques and temples are for those whose inner eye is not opened to see the True Light of God. He cannot be known through senses, mind and intellect, or through pranic practices (i.e., practices involving the motor current in the body) – but only by self-analysis. When we achieve self-knowledge, then the Life Sustainer will be met. The attachments will break, salvation will be given, and you will go home. You will be released from all ties, and living in this world yet you will be free.

The Surat-Shabd carries you across the ocean of life;
O Nanak, praised be the Naam.

Like the lotus flower which lives with its leaves and roots submerged in the water, yet the blossom remains aloof on the surface; like the water-fowl whose wings are not affected by its swimming in the water, and when it wishes it rises above in flight; so with the connection to Naam, one can live in the world free from harmful entanglements, and can rise above the body at will. And this is made possible by giving sincere service to a Satguru, and thereby getting realization of the Truth. How can one experience coolness or heat by just repeating the words "ice" and "fire"?

God is found in the form of Light. In a certain branch of the Hindu religion, they light a small candle and place it in the hand of a dying man, believing that he should see the light before he goes. Others go to the holy river Ganges and light a flame in a small vessel made from leaves and float it on the river. They become very happy if the flame is not extinguished by the waves or the breeze. If it does go out, they light another and set that afloat. Dear friends, this world is the sea which we must swim across with the aid and support of God's inner Light. It is really very clear and simple when one sees everything from the right angle of vision. And the definite indication that a Master is True, is when He lights that flame within another. There are those who see the Light, even before initiation. This is good, and is reaction from the good karmas of past lives – but to progress farther into the Beyond, correct guidance and protection is necessary.

Most of the world's population is in the dark; not knowing whence they came, to where they are going, or what their purpose is on earth. Basically, all religions indicate that there is Light and Sound; I have mentioned that Lord Krishna spoke of it. The Muslim fakirs also referred to it. It has been termed the Music of the Spheres, Truth clothed in Light, and the Unstruck Fire; Buddha called it Intrinsic Hearing. The teaching remains the same, though man forgets it; but the Masters come to revive the Truth again and again, and give the right understanding of true integration. Some people want to know, "What do we get out of this?" Apart from the benefit of becoming detached while living in the world, we are told Unhappiness will not touch us; The illusion will be revealed as mind and matter. What a wonderful blessing! He Who becomes one with the Unchangeable Permanence, life and death are the same to Him. Someone is born, someone dies – He feels neither happiness nor misery. Such elevated existence comes through development of the inner being. You cannot start to dig a well on becoming thirsty, for you will die of thirst before reaching the water. The Spring of the Everlasting Nectar of Life comes through the inner contact, and to drink from this Spring daily will render ineffective all the pinching consequences of worldly experiences.

It is said, after meeting the Satguru, one knows. When is this? When attachments and outer effects are finished. Is it possible to be free from attachments while living in the body? If one is in full control of one's attention, and can direct it at will, then it is possible. If one daily rises above the body and journeys into the upper regions, how will one remain attached to the world and its environments? Also, one will work in the world with a double zeal without that clinging nature to hinder.

There are three kinds of heat which burn within man. One is adibhutak, connected with the physical body. Another is adhidevik – through the outer, untoward happenings. The third is adhiatmik, and that is when one gets a higher contact within and one is then no longer dragged around by the mind and senses. When death comes, one merely says, "Let's go." A true disciple is thus ready for the change. When your condition has become like this, then you will know that you have met the Satguru.

The Guru abides in the physical form in all serenity.

Though the Satguru dwells in the world, He watches the outer play and is unaffected by it. When Guru Amar Das got Naam after seventy-two years of seeking, this was the result. In the Surat Shabd Yoga, no hypothesis is to be made, as in other yogas. It is the straight path back to God. Philosophy deals with theory only, but mysticism deals in contact with the Reality direct. This is the very basis of the teachings of True Masters.

O my mind, why are you so angry?
You have true profit in the Name of the Lord, in the Iron Age!

Be grateful that you have got something at last – even if it is after a long search. Only the power of the Naam can overcome the difficulties of this age. What is the essence of the Naam? It dwells in the heart, by Gurumat. Though it dwells in every heart, yet it is under the command of the Guru. This teaching is permanent, eternal – it is already within, the very sustainer of life itself, but within the command of the Gurumat. There are two kinds of Gurumat: one outer, like customs, rituals, mode of living, etc., and each religion has its own rules; the other is the teaching of the Guru.

0 Nanak, understand the Gurumat, which will make you truly love Him;
It is to be in tune with the Naam, which is pervading all Creation.

The clue lies in the Guru's teachings through which you will develop true love for God, wherever He has manifested Himself. A small spark of fire can bum to ashes a huge pile of logs, and similarly life upon life's sins can be burned away through a small spark of Light from the Satguru. On the very first day of Initiation, He manifests the radiance of Naam within the seeker, who should then take great care of it and value it. By repeating the Naam, the Light of millions of suns will be seen. Also, In the darkness, He came and lighted the Lamp. You receive the very thing that the True Master teaches, for the Light is manifested in Him, and He gives a spark of that Light. The Master placed a small share in my safekeeping. Guard that small share carefully. In the ages past, the Master would keep the disciple at His feet until he had become ready to receive the precious gift. These days, which disciple has the patience and will to learn? So, on the very first day, the connection is given; and then it is up to the disciple what he makes of it. The value of Naam never can be estimated – always remember this. Keep a watch over your whole life – each action – day by day, and through meditation increase your inner progress.

The papiya (sparrow hawk) is crying in anguish.

Guru Amar Das explains that the papiya's heart-rending cries liken to those of His own heart, during His long search for the Lord. Just think of the condition of such a true seeker:

No sleep for the eyes, no rest for the joints; He did not come, and sent no message.

How can such a person have peace unless he sees his Beloved? There is just deep despair and yearning in his soul. On this subject, one poet has observed,

Oh mathematicians, you have calculated how long the day, the night, the year;
how long is the night for that anguished heart which cries for its Beloved?

One cannot expect fruit on the tree when even the flowers have not yet formed.

Whosoever got Him, did so with tears;
could He be got with laughter and joy, none would be without Him.

Through sobs which rack the body, one receives the Lord. The water from the eyes washes away the sins of many, many lives; the accounts are washed clean.

Without seeing the Beloved, sleep does not come; this separation has now become unbearable.

When the seeker goes through this, he is often advised by others to cease the searching and desiring for God, but Guru Amar Das replied, Do not utter such words, for even in this pain there is a sweetness. Then after crying in vain for so long, the soul becomes both desperate and helpless, and she appeals to the Masters: "O Masters, you go to God daily, my voice cannot reach so far; take this message and tell Him, 'O Lord, she is pining with the separation from You. She does not know the road which leads to You, and her voice does not reach You; so she is sending this message.' Please tell Him that 'Night and day she is crying with flowing tears, and cannot exist any more without the Beloved – she cannot fly for she has no wings and does not know the way. How can she reach You?' Please tell Him my condition." A true seeker reaches this condition.

This cobra of separation has filled my mind and cannot be controlled by any mantra;
the would-be lover cannot remain alive, for if he does, he will be in a baffled state of mind.

We must ail pass through this condition. Ramakrishna Paramhans has said that if a man could remember God every second for three days perpetually, then quite definitely that would be his last day on earth. After all, He is residing within us, and if He sees that the child desires Him so intently that it is writhing in agony, then what would a loving Father do? He makes the arrangements that the child may come into contact with Himself, wherever He is manifested. A blind man cannot catch one with sight; he must be led. And what should be the attitude of a true seeker? He should have no trickery or scheming in his mind, no cunning speeches; he should be anxious to serve selflessly, have respect without pretence, and a real humility in his heart. Then? The Guru Himself will come. Without such sincere approach, there is no real access to God.

Without seeing the Beloved, sleep does not come; Without the Naam there is only misery;
desires are burned but the hunger remains; When the Satguru came, He came without my effort.

There is only one cure. In the lives of the Saints, you will find many anecdotes illustrating this point. For instance, during the life of Lord Krishna, we find that certain of His disciples lived close to Him physically, and He once had to leave them for several months. They became very unhappy at the separation and sent Him many messages about their tearful plight. So, Lord Krishna sent His trusted disciple Udho telling him to console the unhappy ones by comforting and enlightening words. So Udho lovingly explained that Lord Krishna was not far from them, but indeed closer than their very souls – and, therefore, there was really no separation and no cause for weeping. They listened to these words and many more in his effort to satisfy them; but finally they replied, "O Lord, the words you have uttered are all true, but kindly tell us this: the eyes that are dim with yearning to see the player of the flute – what cure have you got for that condition? Kindly repeat this question to Lord Krishna Himself, and get the cure from Him." So there is no cure for such a pathetic state, but the sight of the Lord Himself.

He says, Without the Naam there is only misery; When the Satguru came, He came without my effort. Nanak says, 0 Nanak, the world is so unhappy. Some have physical suffering, some mental, some have poverty, etc. – all are in misery of one kind or another. Only he is happy who is dependent on the Naam. Naam is the very Bread and Water of Life. He whose soul is spiritually strong will easily carry around even a broken-down old body. On the spiritual health depends the life of mind and body, both. Kabir Sahib says, I have not seen a single happy soul in this physical form; Whosoever I saw was unhappy. Tulsi Sahib says a similar thing: Everyone has some unhappiness or another. Is there any cure? They say that one who serves the Master is happy. Without the Naam, the fire of desire is daily consuming the people. Anyone can give empty words, but the connection and the direction – which in practice is the planting of such a seed of true desire, a sip of which will quench the thirst forever – only a True Master can give. The Masters have shown very clearly in the holy scriptures that after getting the Naam Power of the Lord, then nothing else is needed.

Without great good fortune, you cannot get the Naam;
I was so tired, doing the outer practices.

He did all the outer devotions, including the most difficult sadhnas (practices) – in fact, there was nothing He did not do in His efforts to realize God.

The Vedas have mentioned Trigun (third stage).Three are mentioned in the Vedas – but on this path we have to go beyond these three – even beyond Brahmand. Brahmand controls Pind, And, and Brahmand (the physical, astral, and causal regions); and as long as we do not transcend Trigun, the mind centre does not break. The circle of mentality goes on revolving; and reading, writing, and thinking continues under the influence in which we live. Unless we surmount this level, the wheel of life goes on rotating, and so does our coming and going in earthly existence. The cure?

Get connected with the Guru's teaching and receive salvation.

The Guru's teaching, the Holy Naam, is also called Light and Sound – the same Sun that is in Brahmand and the same Sound that was given to Lord Krishna by Ingris Rishi. Guru Amar Das also tells us, If you get the Guru's pleasure, then you have everything, and The words of the Guru bring great serenity to the mind. Out of the abundance of the heart, a man speaks. Whatever is the state of mind at the time, so the speech will have similar effects on others. If the mind is filled with anger, lust, greed, etc., even though these thoughts be hidden behind sweet words, yet the effect produced will be drastic. The breeze which passes through fire will bring heat, and on the other hand, that which passes through ice will bring coolness.

There is great charging in the Master's words. Due to His elevated condition, there is a sweet fragrance radiating from Him. If you visit a perfumery, though you may buy nothing, yet will you freely enjoy the delightful perfume permeating the atmosphere. A Saint's name is glorified throughout the four comers of the earth. He may or may not declare Himself, but His radiation is spread everywhere. O Nanak, the Gurumukh is a rarity. It is seldom one meets such a Personality, but the world is not without Them. He is our true friend, meeting Whom all doubts are erased and right understanding established in our hearts. He Who can do this is a friend indeed. Such People have always been hard to find, but when They do come, through radiation a flood of Spirituality pervades the world.

Today there is great awakening beginning. Some have got the answer, some have not; but the search to solve the mystery of life has been born all over the world. The day that question arises in the mind is the greatest day of one's life, for once it is born it does not succumb until it is satisfied. This was Guru Amar Das's life which I have placed before you. All the words of the Masters have deep meaning in them, and this was based on His own life's experience.

Paltu Sahib says, Under the sky is an upside-down well in which a Lamp is burning without wick or oil; Through the Light of this Lamp vibrates a Voice. Who sees and hears this? He who goes into samadhi (deep meditation). The True Masters tell only of that which They see; and furthermore, They give the seeker something to start with, and then go on to increase what They have given. So, one should remain in one's own religion, for religions have been made with noble purpose. No one is high and no one is low; but because of our own narrow-mindedness, brother has been separated from brother. This is all due to lack of True Masters. Noble is the hangman, for God resides in his heart.

When Ravi Das was asked if He was a cobbler, He replied, "That will be seen according to the person's eyes and attitude." Whoever approaches a Master with full devotion and humility will get the rareness of the gift. After getting the human form, it is our hereditary right to realize God. Of course, if we do not make the best use of our life, then who is to blame? Read the words of the Masters, and you will find that They do not come here to rupture any religion; neither do They make new religions – are there not enough already to serve mankind? Basically the teachings are the same in all religions; and the Masters come to revive them, for we have forgotten the old, old truth. When that happens, the very facts which we have read and re-read suddenly start to appeal to those who are more awakened and have more awareness. The Masters do not teach by inference – They give a direct talk.

It matters not to which religion you belong – if the Light is burning within you, all is well. A True Master is One Who brings everyone together. With right understanding, man and man become one, for each has a soul and that soul is of the same essence as that of God, the Life Sustainer of all things. If all men truly realized this, then who would hate their fellow man, and who would cheat or take another's goods? The police and military forces would become superfluous, for man's very neighbour would be his protector. Mahatma Gandhi wished fervently to see such a state of true living, which he called RAM RAJYA (God's Kingdom on earth). Only by keenly following the teachings of the great Masters can this be possible. My friends, no matter in which town or country you live, you should live as true brothers and sisters of the one Father. The morals of all daughters and daughters-in-law, their protection and welfare should be your concern, for in this will be your own family's protection. Live in love for one another. If husband and wife are happy, loving, and loyal together, then no one and nothing can come between them. Similarly, if the people of any country are one in each other, then no power or politics can disturb their peaceful living. All laws are for the lawless; if you are good, nothing touches you. Each one of you should make your life a model, and you will see that the whole world will have peace and happiness. Lack of this simple existence is bringing unhappiness everywhere.

As long as the higher contact is not made, the world's misery will not be resolved. As it stands, whatever a man sows, so shall he reap. When one hears the Masters' stories from Their own lips, it is more enjoyable. As They have journeyed, so can we, for the road is the same and it leads to the same place. Mansur, another Saint, says, "If you would realize Him, place your head on the guillotine". Also, Christ said, "Let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily". They mean we should daily leave the body at will – to die dally. And this is the only way.

Just see, only by talking about these things so much peace enters our hearts. How much more happiness will we gain through true realization – received through the radiation from a Perfect Master. So, make your life an example of the teachings you follow – live up to them. If you have already got the connection, take the utmost care of it, and value it. If you have a strong desire to get it, then God Himself will make the arrangements for you. When you get the contact with the Holy Naam, remember it is the soul's very food. Furthermore, introspect your daily thoughts and actions and see where you have reached. Many ages have passed by since you were first given a human form, and many years have passed since you joined some religion; now consider, to where have you gotten?

As long as inner contact is not established and practised daily, and you do not avoid all that may lead you away from it – through self-introspection – then wherever you have reached up to now will be hidden by a dark curtain and your path of progress will be obstructed.