God cannot be known by the outgoing faculties, by the intellect or the vital airs called the pranas.
He can be known only by the soul: like alone can know the like. When is the soul liberated? When it is analysed from mind and the outgoing faculties.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Whom should we love I

From the book "Morning Talks", written by Sant Kirpal Singh

1967-10-31, Delhi, Sawan Ashram
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God is ­love. ­Our ­soul is of ­the ­same ­essence as ­that of ­God, so ­love is ­innate in us, ­and ­must ­have some­body to ­love. We ­are con­scious enti­ties ­and we ­have to ­make ­our ­beloved an ­all con­scious ­God. ­But we ­are ­attached to ­our chil­dren, ­our fam­i­lies, ­our ­own soci­ety, relig­ion ­and coun­try.

There ­are ­some peo­ple ­who ­are ­Nero-­like. ­When ­Rome ­was burn­ing, ­Nero fid­dled. In ­India ­too we ­had a ­king ­like ­that. ­His ­name ­was ­Mohammed ­Shah ­Ramila. ­The ­whole ­town of ­Delhi ­was on ­fire ­and ­the peo­ple ­sent in a peti­tion to ­him to ­save ­them. He ­was tak­ing ­wine at ­the ­time ­and ­was intox­i­cated. "­All ­right," he ­said, "­put ­this peti­tion ­into ­the ­cup of ­wine." Such­like peo­ple ­are eve­ry­where. ­Their ­type is ­the low­est ­class. ­They ­are con­gealed ­with ­their ­own ­selves.

If ­your ­love is ­for ­your fam­i­lies ­only, ­then ­you ­will ­think ­only of ­their ­good. If ­each ­man ­has ­the atti­tude ­that ­his chil­dren ­must be ­fed prop­erly, ­but oth­ers ­may go hun­gry, ­there ­will be a ­clash ­between fam­ily ­and fam­ily. ­The ­police sta­tions ­are ­full of such­like ­reports. ­Their atti­tude is ­good ­for ­their ­own fam­i­lies of ­course, ­but ­they ­will ­clash ­with oth­ers. If ­our ­love is ­for ­our ­own soci­ety or ­for ­the relig­ion to ­which we ­belong, nat­u­rally we ­will ­love ­the ­men of ­our ­own soci­ety ­and relig­ion ­more ­than any­body ­else. In fam­ily strife, ­some peo­ple ­are ­hurt, ­their ­heads ­are ­broken. If we ­have ­love ­for ­our ­own com­mu­nity or relig­ion ­only, ­what is ­the ­result? Thou­sands ­will be ­killed. We ­had a ­clear ­show, a dem­on­stra­tion I ­would ­say, ­when Paki­stan ­was ­formed. ­More ­than ­one mil­lion ­two hun­dred thou­sand peo­ple ­were ­killed on ­both ­sides, ­because ­they ­loved ­their ­own ­outer ­forms of relig­ion. It is bet­ter to be ­born in a tem­ple, ­but to ­die in it is a ­sin. So ­that ­results in ­the ­loss of thou­sands of ­lives. If ­our ­love ­expands, we ­love ­our ­own coun­try. We ­think ­that a ­dog of ­our ­own coun­try is bet­ter ­than a ­man of ­another coun­try. ­The ­result is ­that we ­fight, ­and mil­lions of peo­ple ­are ­killed. So ­this expan­sion of ­love, of ­the ­love of ­self, of ­the fam­ily, of ­the soci­ety ­and coun­try is ­fraught ­with dif­fi­cul­ties ­and dan­gers. ­The ­cost to ­life is ­more ­and ­more. ­Unless ­the ­love of ­our ­soul ­expands to ­love an ­all con­scious, an ­all per­vad­ing ­God, ­there ­can be no ­peace.

Our ­ideal is, ­God is ­love ­and we ­have ­got ­love ­innate in ­our ­own ­selves. It ­must ­have some­thing to ­love. ­Whom ­should we ­love? ­Guru ­Nanak ­said, "­Peace be ­unto ­all ­the ­world ­over ­under ­Thy ­Will O ­God". ­God ­resides in ­every ­heart ­and ­our ­souls ­are of ­the ­same ­essence as ­that of ­God. So if we ­love ­God, nat­u­rally we ­will ­love every­body. ­The ­tenth ­Guru of ­the ­Sikhs ­said, "I ­tell ­you ­the ­truth, ­those ­who ­love, ­only ­they ­can ­know ­God". ­Christ ­said, "­Those ­who do ­not ­know ­love can­not ­know ­God". So ­love is ­the ­way ­back to ­God. We ­speak of ­love. On ­the pul­pits every­body ­speaks of ­love. ­But ­how ­many ­are ­there ­who ­really ­love? ­They ­love ­their fam­i­lies, soci­e­ties ­and coun­tries. ­For ­their ­sake ­they ­will sac­ri­fice hun­dreds of ­lives. ­There ­can be no ­peace in ­the ­world ­unless we ­love ­God.

God ­resides in ­every ­heart, ­but ­where He is man­i­fest, we ­should ­have ­more ­respect ­for ­Him, ­for ­the ­God in ­Him of ­course, ­not ­for ­the ­son of ­man. We ­love ­and ­respect ­Him ­because ­God is man­i­fest in ­Him ­and He ­helps oth­ers to ­make man­i­fest ­the ­God in ­them. So ­whom ­should we ­love? ­That's ­the ­point, ­where we ­can be ­all at ­peace, ­all at ­rest, ­all ­bliss ­filled. ­This ­will hap­pen ­only ­when we ­love ­God. He ­should be ­our ­Beloved. ­That is ­why ­Christ ­said, "­Love ­thy ­God ­with ­all ­thy ­heart, ­with ­all ­thy ­soul, ­with ­all ­thy ­strength." ­This is ­the ­first com­mand­ment ­and ­the sec­ond is ­not ­less ­than ­that – "­Love ­thy neigh­bour as ­thy ­self". ­All ­the ­saints ­who ­come ­say, "­God ­says ­you ­should ­see me in ­all ­and ­all in me. ­You ­are ­then a ­true fol­lower ­and I ­will ­love ­you". ­This is ­the ulti­mate ­goal. If we ­have ­that ­ideal ­before us, we ­will ­earn ­the ­full ­fruit of hav­ing ­the man-­body. ­The man­-body is ­the high­est ­rung in Crea­tion. It is ­here ­that we ­can ­turn ­our atten­tion ­and ­unite ­our ­souls to ­God ­and in no ­other ­form. We ­are ­blessed to ­have ­the man­-body. We ­have to ­see ­how ­far we ­have ­advanced. ­Unless ­you ­love ­God ­and ­God in ­all, ­there ­can be no ­peace. ­God is ­within ­you. ­You ­are ­not to go else­where ­but ­are ­just to ­invert ­inside. He is ­the Con­trol­ling ­Power ­within ­you. ­Our ­body ­works so ­long as we ­are in ­the ­body ­and we ­are con­trolled in ­the ­body. ­There ­are so ­many aper­tures in ­the ­body, ­two ­eyes, ­tow ­ears, ­two nos­trils, ­the ­mouth ­and ­two aper­tures ­below, ­but we can­not ­run ­away ­out of ­the ­body. ­Some ­Power is con­trol­ling us in ­the ­body. ­The breath­ing ­goes ­out ­but ­there is ­some ­Power ­that ­pushes it ­back. As ­soon as ­that Con­trol­ling ­Power is with­drawn, we ­have to ­leave ­the ­body. ­That ­very ­Power con­trols ­all ­the Uni­verse. ­When ­that ­Power with­draws ­from ­the Uni­verse, ­the ­result ­will be dis­so­lu­tion ­and ­grand dis­so­lu­tion.

So ­what ­should be ­the ­ideal in ­the man-­body? We ­should ­love ­God ­because we ­are con­scious enti­ties. We ­can ­become ­more con­scious by absorb­ing our­selves in ­the ­all Con­scious­ness, in ­the ­God Con­scious­ness. ­This is ­our ­goal. ­Christ ­said, "The ­Son ­knows ­the ­Father ­and oth­ers ­whom ­the ­Son ­reveals". ­Where ­God is man­i­fested, ­such a ­human ­body ­helps oth­ers to man­i­fest ­God, ­who is ­already ­within ­them. He is ­not to ­put in some­thing ­from out­side, it is ­already ­there. So ­the ­body is ­the ­true tem­ple of ­God. ­Here ­you ­can ­open ­your ­inner ­eye to ­see ­Him. In ­what ­Form? ­Not in Abso­lute ­Form, ­but in ­God-into-Expres­sion, ­which is ­Light ­and ­Sound prin­ci­ple. ­You ­can ­have ­your ­inner ­eye ­opened, ­the ­third or sin­gle ­eye. "When ­thine ­eye be sin­gle, ­thy ­whole ­body ­shall be ­full of ­Light". To ­see ­Him, ­you ­will ­have to ­invert, with­draw ­from out­side, with­draw ­from ­the ­body ­and ­rise ­above ­body-con­scious­ness. He is wait­ing ­for ­you. ­You ­are sim­ply ­going ­astray. ­For ­the ­love of ­the ­world ­you ­have for­got­ten ­God.

So ­today's sub­ject is, "­Whom ­should we ­love?" We ­should ­love ­God. ­Remain in ­any ­form or relig­ion ­you ­like. ­The high­est ­aim of ­all relig­ions is to ­see ­God, ­and ­that ­you ­can do ­only in ­the ­man-­body ­and ­nowhere ­else. It is a mat­ter of see­ing, ­not of emo­tions, feel­ings or draw­ing infer­ences, ­which ­are ­all sub­ject to ­error. See­ing is ­above ­all. We ­can ­achieve ­this ­ideal in ­the man­-body ­only. We ­are ­blessed in hav­ing ­the man-­body. ­For ­that ­very pur­pose, we ­have ­joined so ­many ­schools of ­thought, ­but ­where do we ­stand? ­that's ­the ­point. So we ­must ­make ­the ­best ­use of ­the man­-body ­that we ­have ­got, ­with ­the ­grace of ­God. If an ani­mal, ­whose ­head ­God ­has ­made down­wards, ­always ­remains enjoy­ing ­the down­ward ­things, ­that's ­all ­right. ­You ­are a ­man ­after ­all, ­look ­above.