Man kan inte lära känna Gud genom de utåtriktade sinnena, genom intellektet eller livskraftena som kallas pranas. Man kan lära känna Honom enbart genom själen: endast samma kan lära känna samma. När blir själen frigjord? När den blir analyserad (separerad) från sinnet och de utåtriktade sinnena.

Sant Kirpal Singh



1. Introduction

Greatness of Naam and its need

Various Names of God

What is Naam?

Devotion to Naam is the only true worship

Naam is the great Controlling Power

Naam is the Great Master Force

Naam: What it is

Naam is the Sound Principle

The seat of Naam or Word

Time for practicing spiritual disciplines

Why is Naam inaudible?

Naam is a subjective experience

Real Naam: Incomprehensible and hidden

Naam: Divine link between man and his maker

The Path of Naam leads to Sehaj State

Naam: The most efficacious sadhna in the present age

Naam: The saving factor in all the four ages

2. Evidence from Various Religions





Judaism and Christianity



The Teachings of the Masters

3. A Study in Naam

The riches of Naam are lasting and inexhaustible

Attributes of Naam

The spiritual practice of Naam

How Naam is reached

Naam is the heritage of the Gurmukh

The merits of the Word

Hari Naam and Ram Naam

4. Hari Ras

Hari Ras: What It is

HariRas: Where It is

Hari Ras: How to get It

Hari Ras: Who gets It

Hari Ras: Its merits

Guru Naam or Gurmukh Naam

5. Conclusion

Disadvantages of not contacting the holy Naam


SHABD – The Sound Principle

Shabd is God and is live principle

Shabd: What It is

Shabd is the Creator

Shabd is not the subject of reading, ritual or reciting

All religions teach of Shabd

Shabd signifies Sound Principle

Why do we not hear the Sound Principle?

How can we listen to the Sound Principle?

Where does Shabd dwell and how can It be contacted?

Sound and Light

Shabd and Truth are synonymous

Shabd is the Water of Life

Shabd is the essence of all worship

How to contact Shabd

Devotion to Shabd: What it is

Shabd is the heritage of a rare devotee of the Master

Shabd: What It does

Shabd: Its blessings

Shabd: Anhad (Limitless) or Anahat (Self-Existing)

Panch Shabd or The Five Melodies

Musical melodies within

Musical melodies without


AMRIT – Nectar or the Water of Life


Amrit: What It is

Amrit is Sound Principle

Amrit is Light Principle

Amrit: Its location

Who can taste this Nectar

Amrit: How one gets It

Amrit: Who can get It

Amrit: Its merits


KIRTAN Celestial Music or Divine Harmony


The merits of Kirtan


BANI AND GURBANI Scriptures and Inner Music

Varan Atmak Bani

Dhun Atmak Bani

Bani: Its merits



GURU-MANTRA The Master's Word



VAKHAR A True Deal in True Wares



DEEKSHA Initiation


Who is competent to initiate?

The Kingdom of God: Where it is


GYAN OR JNANA Knowledge-Enlightenment

Gyan or Jnana


CHARANKAMAL – The Lotus Feet of the Master

1. The Lotos Feet
Inner vision of the Master's feet
The Lotus Feet of God (Naam)

2. The Dust of the Lotus Feet

The dust of the feet of living Masters
Inner dust of the Master's Radiant Form
Inner dust: What it is
Charan Dhur: Its merits
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