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Sant Kirpal Singh

Biografia Lui Sant Kirpal Singh


Fără îndoială că istoria marilor oameni poate doar să ne dea indicaţii despre personalitatea lor reală - despre ce se poate spune despre viaţa unui sfânt. În ordine cronologică, cartea descrie anii tinereţii Lui, anii în care fusese discipol la picioarele Maestrului Său, Baba Sawan Singh, precum şi cele mai importante activităţi din timpul mandatului Său dintre anii 1948-1974, inclusiv cele trei călătorii în jurul lumii.

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Sant Kirpal Singh, 1974

Death Anniversary of Sant Kirpal Singh - 21 August, 1974

Those were the most tearful days of our lives. The date and the time of His departure were approaching so fast.

We would never see Him again. All hopes for our consolation were dashed to the ground. The heart had no desire, no feeling. The world and its possessions looked like hanging in the air. The footsteps became very weary and tired. The journey leading and showing the way to the Mansion of the Beloved, once very accessible and charming, became strange and dreadful. The garden of our stay was uprooted and the very good flowers stopped emitting their fragrance. All such things, if and when they come, are to be borne, to be absorbed within, and one has to yearn for the Beloved. Otherwise the essence of love is lost.

That time was neither good nor bad. It was due to His wish and without the interference of anyone. For us, it was strange and is still strange. Now we bear the separation to meet Him forever. May we all get together only to live and do for Him. This is the shortest way to overcome this separation.

Harbhajan Singh

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