We are all lovers, devotees of a higher power, thousands of lovers, but the Beloved is one for all. He whom we desire is the beloved of the whole world and is the one God for all men, not specifically for Muslims only, or for Hindus only, or for Christians only.

Sant Kirpal Singh

From the book "Godman" written by Sant Kirpal Singh

About the author

Author's preface
Guru: What He is
Guru is Shabd
Gradiations in Mastership
Guru: One or many

Present Master
The need of a Master
Past Saints
Without Guru all is darkness
Historical evidence
Before and after Guru Nanak
Scriptures and their value
Guru is Superman or Godman
Master and the homegoing of Jivas
Master and His mission
Master and His work
Master and His duties
Guru is Godman
Perfect Master
How to find a perfect Master and know Him
His life and conduct
The physical form of the Master
The influence of the Master
Oneness of Guru, Gurudev, Satguru and Malik
The nature of oneness
The blessings of God and the Master
The solicitude of the Master
Master and the controlling power
Surrender to the Master
The words of the Master




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