Was können andere darüber wissen wie es um unser Herz steht? Erhebt sich die Frage nach dem Mysterium des Lebens in unserem Herzen, findet man keinen Frieden bis das Rätsel gelöst ist.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Talk given by Sant Kirpal Singh on January 29, 1964. The last one held in America on the second world tour

Perhaps each one of you knows that the tongue of love is dumb. The feelings of the heart cannot be expressed in words. The power has not been given to words to express the feelings of the heart. The only thing that I can tell you, as God loves me through my Master I have the same love for you. I wish you progress. This is the highest aim that is before us – all of us, that is. Just live quite lovingly and amicably. Where there is love there is no law; no discord, no disharmony. I will be pleased to hear from you at regular intervals about your spiritual progress. And I will feel more happy if the radiance of you all, which is wafted to me, will be perfumed with love – that's all I can say.

I have been very happy here, all along. I was quite at home. Even if I am going to leave for India, still my wishes are with you; and all of you are on my mind. Washington has been the headquarters; of course I started and was refreshed here. All of us are equally dear to me; and everyone else – all of us – each one of you – has done your best: not as a matter of show, but from heart to hearts. I quite appreciate all that. I wish you all to live in all love, sympathy, cooperation and progress; and to put your shoulders to the wheel for the common cause of God which is before you. An example is better than precept. Let your example direct others: not to any new religion, but to the really true religion, which is already there – the religion above all religions; and that is Truth and Love.

Though I cannot physically, at heart of hearts I embrace you all in one loving fold – as you see. As I told you, there are no words – the power has not been given to words – to express the feelings of the heart. Perhaps by radiation you might have some inkling of it. So heart speaks to heart – more than any words can portray it. Even if I am there, you will all be on my mind, that's all I can say.

[Master pauses a long, long while.]

I hope you feel the warmth all over, each one of you. And I wish you more and more from day to day, that's all I can say.

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