We are pleased to welcome you on the website dedicated to the teachings of Sant Kirpal Singh.

Spirituality is an ancient science, not a new teaching, belief or faith, because man is older than all religions and philosophies of the world. Spirituality, or the inner aspect of religion, is one and the same for all, it concerns the direct and personal link between man and God to the inner unity of all life. The same power that created and sustains the whole creation is revealed in the human body in form of light and sound, the common link among all human beings. All great spiritual teachers from East and Westlike Christ, Kabir, Nanak and others refer tothis fact.It is the science of the realized truth, or science of the beyond which is based on a practical experience of the self in man. This inner knowledge is laid down in the holy scriptures, and will lead to brotherhood and unity.

In our time, Sant Kirpal Singh revived this inner knowledge in a unique way and laid down His universal teaching in various books and talks – a heritage given to all who are searching for self-knowledge and God-knowledge. People from different faiths and various nations were guided by Him to a deeper understanding of their own religion by the practical spiritual experience He was able to impart. His words are timeless and give a guideline for a spiritual lifeeven today.